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Istanbul & Amsterdam 2015
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Our vacation to Istanbul was wrapped up in an excellent tour from Rick Steves' Tour in Seattle. Led by local guide, Mert Taner, we trekked all over Istanbul, with an emphasis on the mosques and churches that are throughout the ancient city. Lots of walking, but it was a great adventure.

Miscellaneous images from around Istanbul. Don't miss the video of our seafood dinner!

Our fantastic group!

Istanbul is full of treasures!

Ancient stronghold of bargain hunters.

The last great mosque of the classical period.

The strait between the European and Asian sides of Istanbul.

As part of our tour, we get an in-depth lecture on Turkish carpets.

A Byzantine church with outstanding 14th century frescos and mosaics.

Considered the epitome of Byzantine architecture. On our bucket list to see in our lifetime.

Wonderous and odoriferous.

More treasures!